Graphic Designer Work Experience

Graphic Designer: 19 year-old Ben Uwins talks about his work experience at the Alexir Partnership this week.

An aspiring student

“I was fortunate enough to gain the chance to go on work experience with Alexir for a week. As a self-aspiring graphic designer I wanted the chance to see what a working environment could be like. I also wanted to understand how a design goes through the steps of being created, often beyond the mindset of a designer, as I felt it’s important to know each individual step in the process of creation.”

Learning on the job

“The Alexir Partnership did not disappoint! I truly believe I have learnt more from just shadowing designers and other workers in my single week at Alexir compared to the year I’ve spent trying to teach myself the ropes. Even the jobs that may seem mundane from an outsider’s perspective were made interesting by the vibrant staff I was working alongside. Everyone truly made me feel comfortable whilst I was with them.”


“From the factory to the offices, I had fun constantly working with all Alexir staff, which for me is the most important thing.”

And we say.....

“Thanks Ben for your hard work and enthusiasm this week. It has been a real pleasure having you on board and giving us the opportunity to introduce a young student to the often neglected world of packaging. We know it has been an eye-opener for you, especially the complexities surrounding constructional and graphical design of a 3D carton. Come and talk to us when you have finished your studies!”

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