Grup Maculart/Xerox Event in Barcelona

Over 100 representatives, business partners and press of the print & packaging industry attended an event at Grup Maculart in Barcelona.

Its all about packaging this November!

Creating a buzz and delighting customers and brand owners wanting change, sharing strategy, personalised digital printing, small runs, new opportunities, packaging solutions, networking … and more.

Claire Virazels from Xerox Europe

Claire Virazels from Xerox Europe, responsible for the packaging market segment & for the high-end colour production printers was facilitating the day and was one of the key speakers (Strategy & Offering within the Packaging Marketplace).

Hubert Soviche, General Manager Strategy &  Marketing at Xerox Europe for Graphic Communications,  was Kicking off the event.

Albert even added perfumes to the paper to add a pleasant smell to the packaging...

Last year Digital Packaging Live! was held in Dublin with a tour and demo through Esmark Finch, this time at Grup Maculart, a world leading company for pharmaceutical industry packaging services. The CEO is Albert Majos who took over the business from his father. A real family business which started as a graphic arts workshop. The young Albert saw more opportunities and his father encouraged the trial-and-error approach. Next to digital printing for packaging, Albert even added perfumes to the paper to add a pleasant smell to the packaging. The company grew. For the long runs they have the Heidelberg press, for the short runs and personalization they use the Xerox iGen4™ Press and for inserts and leaflets the Xerox Impika (inkjet press).

“2016 is a good time for digital cartons”

Dr. Sean Smyth of Smithers Pira is an expert in the packaging industry, researcher and author of the report ‘Future of Digital Print for Packaging to 2020’ and started his keynote address with “2016 is a good time for digital cartons”. He informed us also of why. Brand owners want to “premiumise” their brands with professional, high quality packs at low costs. Brands and retailers want to sell more volume at a higher price. Why now? At drupa new possibilities were introduced. It is all possible now technically – the push – and the market is creating the pull. Big opportunities lay ahead. Don’t ignore it, Smyth concluded.

Smithers Pira

Exciting Times...

A company who is certainly making use of the opportunities is The Alexir Partnership. They are a carton converter in the UK which turned into the only UK Business in the food sector that can create, package and pack products from design to delivery within one business. Claire Summersby, Marketing Manager, explained how Alexir took the plunge and invested in digital carton production. A market which according to Pira will grow annually by 44% in Europe, a growth Claire sees at Alexir, with exciting times these last few years, as she was explaining.

Focus on Digital..

Xerox is focusing more and more on digital packaging. We see a very clear intersection of growing market need and unique things that Xerox can bring to the industry to help address some of the challenges. Next to Claire Virazels who explained the Xerox Digital Packaging Solution also Valentina Mazzi showed Xerox solutions, like the 3D Xerox Direct to Object Printer which had its debut at drupa.

At the end of the afternoon the people were taken for a guided walking tour of the Gothic Quarter ending up at Fabrica Moritz Sala de Tancs (Moritz is the famous Catalan beer brewer). Here the networking continued with nice beer and tapas.

Business Partners :

Xerox and Maculart did not do this event by themselves because working together always creates better business results. Hence thanks to our Partners Scodix, Antalis, Esko, XMPie, Highcon, EFI, Tresu and KAMA! These business partners introduced themselves on stage and had a booth in the room. During the network breaks they were explaining how they could help the guests with their part of the packaging business workflow.



General Manager Strategy &  Marketing at Xerox Europe for Graphic Communications

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