My First Week at Alexir

I bounced, some might say flounced, into the reception area at the Alexir Partnership.

Would the people be nice?

Just over a week ago, I bounced, some might say flounced, into the reception area at the Alexir Partnership. Full of excitement and a willingness to learn new things and meet new people, I remember desperately hoping that the smile on my face and intrigue in my eyes was masking the multitude of anxieties that were racing around my big head!

Would the people be nice; would I get on with them and would they understand my quirkiness? Would they be ready for my arrival and would I be able to grasp their way of doings things quickly? Would I fit in with these people and processes? Basically, would the hopes and expectations from the interview process come to fruition????

Communication and Interaction

That all seems so long ago now, even though the week has flown by in a flash, and I needn’t have worried at all. The people are lovely; if you walk in to a new place and they are ready to take the mickey out of you within that first morning, then you know you are going to feel comfortable from the off! The office floor is a hive of activity, emanating from the internal sales / account management team.  The communication and interaction between all departments is very effective, aided by the fact that the planning, commercial, estimating, purchasing, accounts, marketing and IT are all present on the same open plan floor.

I’ve been impressed by the way the communication flows around the office space and this interaction backs up the notion of Alexir as a flexible and responsive business.

The people have been superb and the atmosphere in the office is light and fun. Very nearly every work conversation has been spattered with humour and frivolity and yet in keeping with what is obviously a driven and professional business.

The downside

People can be too close though. My love and constant desire for a cuppa has been dampened by the very real threat that every time I want one, I am going to have to get a full “round” in. Maybe not such a big deal once I’m into the swing of things but considering that I’m still trying to remember names; having to add tea or coffee, sugar or no sugar, who has which cup and who sits where…… I think I’ll just hold out until someone else offers.

What does the future hold?

I felt like both the new boy at school and like a teenager being exposed to adulthood, where every turn and corner revealed an opportunity for further awe and wonder. New people, new machinery, new computer systems and of course a new laptop, phone and car to work with too.

Obviously, I had been around manufacturing sites in the past, and I have always found them exciting, the site in Edenbridge proved no different. Slick presses providing the background rumble of a busy environment, where a maze of material stacks are expertly converted into the recognisable brands and packaging that we see throughout the weekly shop.

Whilst weaving my way through the material, wallowing in the intoxicating smell of the ink room and avoiding the pallet trucks as they move product around the factory – I’m taken by how calm it all seems. I know full well that they are nice and busy and yet I’m lucky enough to experience a very smooth operation in action.

All in all, I found it a very enjoyable first week in the world of the Alexir Partnership. I was made to feel very welcome and I’m excited by the prospect of week two, three and beyond will bring…..

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