Alexir Creative take a Value Engineering approach to their packaging

Through value engineering our customer’s packaging we can reduce costs and raw materials, improve shelf presence and optimise the supply chain.

Value engineering.

In our Creative department we can design and sample the most amazing shapes from folding box board. We work with our customers from the beginning of their journey to help them make their ideas come to fruition.

What you might not realise though is that we also help our customers with the less creative side of packaging through technical optimisation of the pack format all the way through the supply chain and onto the retailer shelves. By value engineering our customer’s packaging we can reduce costs and raw materials, improve shelf presence and optimise the supply chain.

In the design studio.

Whether the pack is new or existing there is nearly always a way to modify the profile in some way that will reduce the airspace and raw material and thereby reduce unit cost and help to save the planet. Furthermore, the profile can be adjusted to increase the amount on a print sheet, again reducing the price per unit. It is here in the studio that we also consider the function of board and how we can use it to replace less sustainable materials. For example, we will endeavour to remove any non-recyclable fittings and replace with board.

Shelf disruption.

In the design studio we also give a lot of thought to the final merchandising of the product to create shelf disruption whilst optimising the quantity of SKUs on the shelf.

In Production.

The design of the carton also takes into account the manufacture of the pack in the factory to make sure that it has been designed to maximise machine running speeds, reduce sheet feeding and save costs in design layouts.

In Purchasing.

In our purchasing department we use the expertise of our value engineer (Simon Furness) when importing packaging solutions for our customers from abroad. Our International department have a wide network of global suppliers who are able to source packaging materials that we are unable to manufacture ourselves, creating a ‘one-stop shop’ in the food packaging industry.  We optimise container fill to reduce both delivery and storage costs for our customers.

In the Supply Chain.

We can modify cartons to increase the amount of units per outer case and, to take this further, we would then optimise the quantity of outers on a pallet. This ultimately will reduce transportation and storage costs.

Alexir's Value Engineering Sketchbook.

More information.

Click here to see Simon’s sketchbook with his notes on how it all works. Simon heads up our Cardboard engineering team and has spent his career in value-engineering.

If you would prefer to see his notes as a document you can download them here: Alexir Creative Value Engineering

Would you like to speak to Simon? His email is and his mobile number is 07947 817235

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