Case Study:
Fount Drinks

Fount Drinks approached the team at Alexir International to help them source corrugated boxes for their new drink range.

  • Fount 2
  • Fount 5
  • Fount 4


Fount Drinks required both an outer box and an inner fitment to secure their four bottles during transport, ensuring that there were no breakages. The inner fitment needed to be designed to suit either bottles with pipette tops for initial customer orders or bottles with caps for repeat orders. As Fount Drinks has a strong premium and ethical positioning, packaging had to be recyclable and environmentally friendly.


The team at Alexir International were given a tight deadline to find a solution to the brief, as the Fount Drinks website was already live with a launch coming soon notice. To ensure that the launch date was not pushed back, the team at Alexir International worked quickly and efficiently to find a creative solution using a trusted and tested partner.


The project was a success as Alexir International delivered an innovative solution for Fount Drinks. Fount Drinks had two main packaging goals which were to protect and to present. Alexir International’s corrugated boxes achieved both goals as the inner fitment and outer box protects the bottles while the inner fitment has a clever design that enables Fount Drink’s customers to display the bottles on a shelf. The International team successfully ensured that all corrugated boxes were delivered in time for the launch.