Kabuto enters instant pasta category

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Case Study: Kabuto Mac N'Cheese.

Instant-noodles brand Kabuto has been a long-standing customer of Alexir, from the days when the founder, Crispin Busk, started the business from his kitchen. Now a well-established brand in the multiple retailers, their NPD team have been working on extending their range and the brand has entered the instant-pasta category with a duo of Mac N’Cheese pots. There are two flavours – Original and Sriracha Chilli – that have launched into 267 Sainsbury’s stores and Amazon. They contain no additives, preservatives or artificial colours, and provide 12g protein per serving.

Uplift in category.

At the Alexir Partnership we have seen a notable uplift in the ambient category, which could be attributed to the cost-of-living crisis, with consumers looking for convenient and tasty meal options. With this uplift across our portfolio, FMCG food brands are unsurprisingly coming to us to break into other categories.

It was important to the Kabuto team to develop a product offering that was full of flavour and goodness, suited to shoppers looking for a quick tasty meal. According to Crispin Busk: “For far too long the instant mac & cheese at the supermarket has meant crunchy pasta, bland sauces and no taste at all. We have worked with Alexir to produce a product that is sure to give the pot pasta category the upgrade it’s been needing for years.”

Consumer experience.

To improve the consumer experience the consistency of the sauce was essential, and this was achieved through a high-precision dosing of ingredients. The Alexir team initiated a plan for the precision dosing in the short and long term and the two SKUs were launched successfully into the retailers on-time.

All the ingredients are delivered free-issue into the Alexir co-packing plant and filled at speed on their pot-filling line. The packaging components are sourced and supplied via the Alexir buying team, including the RPET shelf-ready trays.

Multiple Services.

Alexir and Kabuto worked together managing the supply chain and it is a great pleasure to add this brand-new range to the outstanding existing range.

The Alexir Partnership offer a wide range of multiple services covering the design, development and delivery of complex packaging projects across numerous substrates and formats for FMCG brands.