Case Study:
Knorr Corrugated Outers

Alexir International deliver a “windowed” corrugated case for Knorr Rice Noodle Cup.

  • Knorr 10
  • Knorr 2
  • Knorr 3


Alexir International were approached to provide a visually appealing product case with high-quality printing for retail in Costco Canada. It was required that the product case needed to be bulk packed in sea containers for shipment from the UK to Canada.

If the project was successful, it would enable the brand owner to access a new retailer with an existing product. Therefore, it was important that Alexir International met all the requirements in the brief.

The Process

Alexir International faced a big challenge of giving the maximum “window” in the case without compromising the case’s packed integrity.

To overcome this challenge, they came up with 4 options for case styles that offered varying degrees of visibility. The final option was chosen as it provided great visibility and fulfilled the brief to ensure no product damage when being sea freighted to Canada.


Alexir International delivered the cases on time and in full to Alexir Co-Packing to allow them enough time to pack the pots (with ingredients and then place into the cases) for container loading and to reach the Canadian stores on what was a challenging timeframe.

Overall, the brand owners were really pleased with the end result of the printed case.