Case Study –
Loyd Grossman

Gift with purchase.


Premier Foods approached the Alexir Partnership in June 2017 with a retailer promotional opportunity for a ‘Gift with Purchase’ pack in 10 weeks’ time.

The complete pack, with contents, had to be sourced, packed in August and delivered in September to the retailer.

Premier Foods supplied the Loyd Grossman jars of sauces and a pack was designed to hold two glass jars and two branded ceramic pasta bowls.


All packaging components in the promotion were completely bespoke and the pack had to be droptested to check its resilience against breakages. There was no time to do transit trials but the pack passed the drop-test after 8 weeks. From start to finish the team at Alexir had to design, source and manufacture all the components in a very short period of time.

White ceramic bowls (250,000) were sourced from Romania with a bespoke Loyd Grossman logo added to the underside. All audits of the supply chain were carried out by Alexir International. They also designed, prototyped and sourced custom-made thermoformed tray with corrugated supports.

The construction and graphic design of the outer packs were undertaken by the Alexir Design team and 125,000 were manufactured by Alexir Packaging in Edenbridge. The pack, along with contents and components, was finally assembled by the co-packing team in Uckfield.


The retailer promotion was delivered in time and in full and sold through within a matter of weeks. The speed-to-market was truly extraordinary and required the resources from all the divisions of the Alexir Partnership but with only one point of contact for the customer.