Case Study:
Nelsons Rigid Box

Alexir International were selected from

multiple suppliers to produce a rigid box

for Nelsons Original Bach Flower Remedies.

  • Bach 2
  • Bach 4
  • Bach 6


Due to unforeseen circumstances with their existing supplier, Nelsons had an urgent need to source Rigid Boxes for their Original Bach Flower Remedies. The box contains various components which Alexir International had to source. This included the Rigid Box which required a specific type of opening to enhance the user experience and self-adhesive velcro dots to keep the lid tightly closed. Additionally, a sleeve was produced to slide onto the closed box. Alexir International had to deliver all of this within budget and a tight deadline.



The project from Nelsons had been tendered out to multiple suppliers, so Alexir International had to make sure that the quote was delivered quickly. Needless to say, quality was of paramount importance to both parties. Thanks to Alexir International’s established relationship with their Far East manufacturing partners, Alexir International were able to have quotes within 24 hours of the initial brief coming in, despite the 8-hour time difference between the UK and the Far East. Alexir International have worked with their manufacturing partners in the Far East for a number of years, across multiple premium brands, resulting in assurances of the quality that can be provided.


To help with timings, Alexir International air-freighted a smaller order of stock from the Far East, which was delivered within 2 weeks of ordering and met Nelsons deadlines. The project was so successful that Alexir International are now the main supplier for the Nelsons’ Rigid Box with an order received for an annual volume of stock.