Case Study:
Pukka Herbal Tea Discovery Chest

A premium tea gift box.

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The Pukka Herbs brand were looking to create a self-care gift containing 42 sachets of blended herbal teas. In particular, the brands team wanted to give their consumers the chance to buy a gift that was good for their well-being as well as being good for the planet.

Our Approach.

With this in mind the Creative team investigated the marketplace, looking for suitable pack formats made from sustainable materials. At this point in time, it was not obvious the direction the project would take. A large collection of suitable containers, including tins, boxes and chests, were presented to the team along with a deck of sketches, to share an impression of how the final gift might look.

Through various rounds of presentations and eliminations the final pack was chosen: a premium-looking chest made from sustainable bamboo.


Once the material and sizes were agreed in principle our Procurement team began sourcing a bespoke option through their proven global supply chain partners. As the project progressed, and the design of the chest was fine-tuned, special features were added to enhance the premium nature of the gift. These included a magnetic closure, a thumb cut opening, an intricate laser-burned patterned logo on the lid and a FSC logo on the base. This accreditation demonstrates that the material originates from FSC certified forests. Not only was the bamboo packaging sustainable, it was also organic, vegan and contained non-GM ingredients.

Rigid, wooden bamboo dividers were added to the interior to showcase a selection of six herbal teas: Supreme Matcha Green, Turmeric Gold, Fresh Start, Mint Refresh, Three Ginger and Night Time Berry.

For additional branding a decorative sleeve was added to the outside to keep the chest intact and assist in making the gift tamper-evident. On the inside of the lid four wooden triangular pegs securely hold a printed card with the Pukka branding, to enrich the opening experience.

  • Pukka New Bamboo 9
  • Pukka New Bamboo 5
  • Pukka New Bamboo 2

Multiple Services.

The sleeve and promotional card were printed in-house at our carton manufacturing site in Kent and, with the final production-finished boxes, all the packaging components were transported to our co-packing site in Sussex, where the tea bags had already arrived. Our packing teams were then able to assemble the final tea chests with all the multiple components. Lastly, the the chests were packed into outer cases, palletised and shipped off to the customer as a final product.

This complex packaging project is a perfect example of how our multiple services complement each other and enable the customer to benefit from an end-to-end solution, all within one partnership. The entire project was managed by one person, meaning the customer only had to deal with one contact all the way through the process. For a brand owner, dealing with numerous packaging substrates and suppliers can be very time-consuming and resource-heavy.

If you are looking for a multi-service solution, from our creative studio, to manufacturing and sourcing, through to co-packing, please contact us.