Case Study:
Pukka Workday Wellness

Premium gifting.

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The Pukka Herbs brand knew that they wanted to create a gift box for their organic herbal tea range which would form a collection of delicious teas for every moment of the working day. Whether it was a herbal tea to kickstart the day or another to unwind at the end, Pukka wanted a Workday Wellness gift pack for these daily moments. The pack would be perfect for small offices or as a working from home gift and would be ideal for students, teachers or colleagues. The pack would hold 90 sachets across 6 flavours and a variety of active teas, green teas and calming teas.

In terms of the pack format, the brand team were looking for ‘out-of-the-ordinary’, especially as it was a new product within the range. The canvas was blank and all ideas were welcome.

Our Approach.

Once the brief was taken from the customer, the key teams at Alexir were brought together to discuss initial ideas. From here the Creative Packaging Designer in the studio researched luxury and premium markets for inspiration and innovation. Blue-sky concepts were finetuned with the buying team and presented to the customer. The circular rigid board format became the preferred choice as it showcased the myriad of teas in a stunning layout. In addition, the circular shape with the central point, may be seen to replicate a clock and this resonated with the working day theme.

From this point in the process the project was passed over to the buying teams to develop the pack with their external suppliers and continue to co-ordinate with the project manager. White samples were produced and approved and artwork-ready files were created for the graphic design teams. Due to the premium nature of Pukka, foiling was incorporated into the design and Gold Standard samples were signed off before final production. The buying teams also sourced and designed bespoke Pukka tissue paper to wrap each gift box.

Finally, all the components were delivered into Alexir Co-Packers where they were packed with the tea bags, wrapped in tissue paper, packed into shippers and then into outer cases. These were then palletised and transported to the customer as a final product.


The final gift box is a beautifully presented circular pack with delicate foiling in complementary shades of colour. The organic herbal teas create a rainbow fan around the centre and are partitioned according to the state of the mood; find zen, boost, unwind, kickstart, centre and lighten.

Multiple Services.

This complex packaging project is a perfect example of how our multiple services complement each other and enable the customer to benefit from an end-to-end solution, all within one partnership. The entire project was managed by one person, meaning the customer only had to deal with one contact all the way through the process. For a brand owner, dealing with numerous packaging substrates and suppliers can be very time-consuming and resource-heavy.

If you are looking for a multi-service solution, from our creative studio, to manufacturing and sourcing, through to co-packing, please contact us.