A rigid pot to hold
new flavours of seasoning.


Alexir received a brief from Premier Foods who wanted to launch a new style rigid Pot to hold their new flavours of seasoning. They wanted a pot that was rigid, had a premium feel and was visible, tamper evident and was resealable. It was also requested that the consumer needed to be able to easily take a pinch of seasoning when using the product.


After some market research into competitor products, the design team at Alexir put some initial ideas and CAD drawings together to show to Premier Foods. Following a few amendments to meet the customers approval, and using the latest innovative technology, 3D printed models were produced. This enabled the customer to trial the product, check the size and style of the pot, and ultimately provided them with a sample to show their customer prior to store listings.


After 6 months from receiving the brief, the Saxa Seasoning Pot was launched. The new pot is made from recyclable plastic polystyrene (PS) for rigidity and clarity and has a lip on the rim that enables the lid to be placed on to the pot and secured in place. This feature allows it to resealable by the consumer and maintains the shelf life of the product. The pot is then finished with a printed wrap around label and top label to differ between the three flavours of seasoning. Once filled at the packing site a tamper evident shrink sleeve is then applied to keep the product secure throughout the supply chain. Alexir have further supported Premier Foods with the launch of this product by investing in a tapered label applicator on the filling line at the co packing site.