Case Study:

The new range of e-liquids from Wick Liquor

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  • goldensunset10mlrender.png


The team at Wick Liquor had designed and developed a beautiful new range of their in-house e-liquid brand, Serendipity, but needed a Counter Display Unit that would do justice to the eye-catching, swirling foil branding. To enhance the design, the brand team chose a foil inlay to give a bold new look. There are four flavours (Vanilla Sky, Sweet Nirvana, Golden Sunset and Irie Vibes) and each SKU is identified by a different colour foil.


Wick Liquor had recently used Alexir Digital for another client’s project, and they had been impressed by the quality of the final production vape cartons. They also knew that Alexir had a very ‘can-do’ attitude and were able to work to tight deadlines.

Due to the pivotal nature of the foiling, multiple-coloured samples of the foiled finishings were sent out to Wick Liquor to determine a perfect match to the brand colours. Graphic designers worked closely together to achieve the final artworks and the finished product was delivered within the timelines, allowing them to market the new range across their social media platforms and sales channels.


Mike Clamp said, “After speaking to the team at Alexir, we realised that nothing was going to be too difficult for them to achieve the desired look we required. The finished product was beyond our expectations in all aspects of fit, form, build quality and the final foil inlay finish.”

We will have several similar projects this year coming out and without hesitation, will certainly use and recommend Alexir for all ours and our client’s future projects.”