Case Study:
Whittard Advent Calendars

Alexir International and Whittard of Chelsea have worked together for the last few years to produce beautiful, luxury Tea and Hot Chocolate Advent Calendars.

  • Whittard Advent Calendar 3
  • 20200302-ASB_2969
  • Whittard Advent Calendar 5


Alexir International source the rigid box, the built-in liner and the drawers. These super-premium advent calendars contain 24 drawers printed with various patterns to make the inside more eye-catching. Intricate gold foiling is used on the inside and outside of the box to enrich the calendars premium look.

Premium touches

The thick-walled outer gives the calendar rigidity and gravitas whilst providing a canvas for a premium soft-touch varnish and intricate gold foil blocking.The latches on the front were created using magnets to depict a door handle opening into something special. The doors of the advent calendar can be opened simply and the drawers inside were designed to easily slide in and out making them user-friendly. All the elements combine to give the product a distinctly luxury, high-end feel which stands out on the shelf.


Whittard’s in-house designers continually create eye-catching designs that are used throughout their ranges and they demand the very best in printing and finishing for their packaging. These exacting requests produce unique pack formats that delight and excite their consumers. We cannot wait to see the Advent Calendars for 2021.