Case Study:
Halopack® and The Good Prep

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Faith and Jem

Brothers-in-law and health advocates Faith and Jem founded The Good Prep (TGP) as a chef-crafted meal prep service, designed to guide customers through their journey to a healthier self. They realised that people were struggling to find time in busy schedules to buy healthy ingredients, plan meals and cook every day.

Personal Chef

This level of meal prepping, full of nutrients for peak performance, is normally only available to those who can afford a personal chef. Now this is available to all via an online meal prep service which delivers fresh, ready-to eat, chef-cooked meals, straight to the customer’s home. All ingredients are fresh, so the meals do not contain additives or preservatives and food suppliers have been vetted and certified.

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Halopack® board tray

With this level of attention to detail, the packaging was always going to play an important part in the delivery and cooking experience for the consumer. Consequently, all their packaging materials are fully recyclable including the insulation in the outer pack. They did, however, struggle to find a recyclable option for their plastic meal trays in the first 12 months of trading. They came across the Halopack® board tray through an industry expert and contacted the Alexir Partnership who own the licence for this unique pack format in the UK.

Saving Plastic

The Halopack® was the first proven hermetically-sealed board tray in the UK food market and currently circa 35 million of them are produced for the retail and online sectors. Its unique patented design guarantees an airtight seal to keep the food fresher for longer. It also has an easily detachable film on the base which means it can separate from the board tray, allowing both elements to be placed into the correct waste stream. Should the consumer fail to separate the tray from the film, the plastic weight of the tray is below 15% of the total pack weight which means it can be recycled in its entirety.

Moreover, in line with the current plastic pollution issues in the world, every time the Halopack® replaces a black plastic tray there is a plastic saving of approximately 80%, which has to be a good result.

As for the packaging design the team at TGP had a handful of brand assets and the graphic designers in the Alexir studio created the artwork for them using these existing assets. The process was seamless and Adam Dean, Senior Account Manager at Alexir, was on-hand every step of the way.