Introducing Alexir Creative’s new service offering

Did you know that Alexir Creative have added some exciting new services to their offering?

Rigid Box Making

Alexir Creative have an in-house resource to produce premium rigid box samples.

All prototypes are customised to brief and handmade with attention to detail.

White samples can be wrapped with bespoke print and in-house foil transfers can be added, helping to eliminate lengthy lead times for samples from the Far East.

3D Printing

Alexir Creative have invested in a desktop 3D printer with a large build volume which is ideal for making essential components for packaging projects that have yet to be manufactured.

By 3D printing missing elements, we can help speed up the process and avoid sampling tooling costs.

About Alexir Creative

Alexir Creative are not your regular packaging design agency.

As it happens, they are packaging manufacturers who know how to design. Their point of difference lies in their engineers and designers who can transform your ideas from a concept into a piece of packaging that is production-ready.

More information

For more information about Alexir Creative and their service offering click here.

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