Alexir Digital help to create a royal buzz

For Mr Kipling’s Royal Wedding cakes

Using digital technologies to create a buzz on social media

The PR company for Mr Kipling’s cakes wanted to create a buzz on social media around their limited edition of cakes for the Royal Wedding. Their team approached us to print and produce a small number of personalised cartons for the aptly-named wedding range: Bridal Fancy, a Princely Pie or a Wedding Whirl. This short-run of cartons was art-worked, printed, cut, creased and delivered to key journalists, bloggers and vloggers all within 4 days. A marketing activity that previously could only have been devised through creative design agencies.

It’s a digital world

The Alexir Partnership became the first major supplier in the UK with an inline solution for digitally printed folding cartons when it installed the four-colour Xerox iGen 4 sheet-fed digital printer with a TRESU Pinta coater integrated inline in 2015. This enables printing of short-runs of cartons with low origination costs.

It is the perfect technology for generating a buzz on social media.

Alexir Digital

Alexir’s digital division has become a self-sufficient unit employing six full-time staff. As Claire Summersby, Marketing Manager at the Alexir Partnership explains, it is meeting the growing demand for short production runs:  “Our Xerox – TRESU printing and coating line is filling a vital gap between one and five thousand units, which we were unable to offer before. For brand owners it provides a much faster route to market, allowing us to offer high-value services, like on-demand sample printing, personalised prints and multiple variations of a brand. It has attracted significant business from small market players and provided start-up companies with a springboard for growth. Furthermore, we are increasingly supporting marketing departments of larger brand-owners, by developing promotional campaigns.”


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