Alexir Partnership Chairman collects Manufacturer Top 100 award.

Alexir Partnership Chairman Robert Davison collected an award for a Top 100 UK Manufacturer on 15th November at the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool.

Awards Ceremony

Robert Davison, Chairman of the Alexir Partnership, collected an award for a Top 100 UK Manufacturer on 15th November at the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool. The event has been running for four years as a response to the lack of visible role models in industry, highlighted by several academic and parliamentary studies. The Manufacturer Magazine resolved to redress this and created the event as a platform for the recognition of industry role models. The printed publication showcases the enthusiasm and commitment in every one of the individuals named within it.

Nick Hussey, CEO of The Manufacturer Magazine

“Projects like The Manufacturer Top 100 are so imperative as they serve to demonstrate the reality of what the highly diverse range of careers in industry actually look like. The individuals highlighted seek out new technologies and develop new business models. They establish themselves as beacons and act as signposts for suppliers and customers alike. They provide inspiration and are vital for the future health and development of their industrial sector, and that of UK manufacturing.”

Design to delivery

Robert Davison founded Alexir Packaging Ltd in 1989 and under his lead has widened the business proposition into the Alexir Partnership, with a turnover of £30m. The Alexir Partnership now covers carton manufacture, packaging sourcing, contract manufacturing, co-packing and gifting. In fact it is the only UK business in the food sector that can create, package and pack products from design to delivery within one business. Solving customers’ needs is the main motivation and with five specialist divisions within the partnership it can offer a unique turnkey solution, with one point of contact responsible for the smooth running of all projects.

Robert Davison, Chairman

“The UK manufacturing industry employs 2.7 million people and we are now the 8th largest industrial nation. It is often an industry overlooked by schools and colleges alike and, as the industrial workforce is getting older, we are struggling to attract young workers. In the Packaging industry, we have been particularly hit by this decline and it is one of my missions to address this shortfall and regenerate an ageing industry. I am delighted to have won this prestigious award and intend to gain even more momentum over the coming year.”

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