Introducing the Alexir Creative website!

Alexir Creative are not your regular packaging design agency. Their point of difference lies in their engineers and designers who can transform your ideas from a concept into a piece of packaging that is production-ready.

From Design to Delivery

Working within the Alexir Partnership, Alexir Creative is an integral part of the packaging process and many customer projects will start with the Creative department in one form or another. Being at the beginning of the process and having access to the manufacturing sites, means they can project manage the packaging under one roof, safe in the knowledge that the output is always production-ready.

The design process begins with Research, Scoping and Visualisation. Followed by design and development, constructional design, graphic design, visualisation, printed mock-ups, production preparation and finally, production-ready packaging.

The need for a new platform

The additional platform enables the design team to showcase projects as well as feature more detail around their capabilities.

Alexir Creative offer services in structural packaging, 3D modelling, printed prototypes, photography, graphic design and new product development.

Find out more

Alexir Creative have previously created projects for various customers including Unilever, Savoursmiths, Blue Earth, Hannah’s Pantry, Gymology and Freixenet.

Learn more about the services that Alexir Creative offer and their previous work here.

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