Direct to Consumer Candle Packaging


Are you looking for a complete packaging solution to sell your product directly to your customer?

Being able to package and sell your product direct to your customer is becoming ever more important as people change their shopping habits. With the COVID pandemic, this transition has accelerated and the retail landscape has moved from stores to online. We do not know to what extent this behavioural change will affect retail in the future but predictions are that the e-commerce sector is here to stay. With this in mind brand owners, big and small, need to re-think and adapt their packaging supply chains to accommodate this channel.

If you are a start-up or an emerging brand you may not know how to tap into this packaging supply chain and which suppliers to go to for multiple components.

Primary Packaging

The chances are you are going to want to start with some bespoke-printed cartons for your product. This not only protects it but it is also your perfect opportunity to showcase your brand identity in a beautifully-designed carton.

We can manufacture these cartons in low volumes and create your graphic design, so you can be sure that the artwork is going to fit correctly and the cartons will be printed to its best potential.

Secondary Packaging

As well as making them beautiful on the inside you will also need a postal outer to keep it secure for the postal system.

Let us print your bespoke postcards and supply your postal outer boxes too, making the whole process that much easier for you.

Indicative pricing

We can manage the whole packaging project for you. Suddenly, getting your product into your customer’s hands is not quite so difficult…


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