New Skinpacks

Welcome to the new members of the Skinpack family!

Innovative Design

Tooling has been designed and engineered for two new variations of the Skinpack to make both merchandising more flexible and to improve its ease of shop for the consumer.

The first new pack shape includes a convenient hook on the top flap to enable the SKUs to be hung on a clip strip in-store.

The second pack format displays a wide flange on the left-hand side for clearer product information for the consumer.

Current skinpacks present this information on the narrow flanges around the front edges with further details either on wrap-around adhesive labels or on the inside of the tray.

Existing Sizes

The vacuum skin board tray from Alexir already exists for the chilled sector in standard sizes D2, D15 and S6 in both the multiple retailers and the convenience sector. It is a shallow version of the Halopack by Alexir, which was the first proven hermetically-sealed board tray in the UK food market.


The skinpack board tray is made from renewable virgin-fibre board and is 100% recyclable according to the current OPRL guidelines. Moreover, the board tray reduces plastic by up to 90% when compared to its PET/PE counterpart. The design of the skinpack is patented and is compatible with existing skinning machines. It is fully sealable and this maintains product freshness, extends shelf life and reduces food waste.

More information

For more information about our Halopack and Skinpack offering click here.

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