Halopack is the clear choice…

…for sophistication and differentiation

…for food safety and migration

…for health and wellness

…and now for the oven!

The Halopack®is the first fully gas-tight and high barrier cartonboard MAP packaging format in the UK.

The Halopack®is a board-based MAP capable food tray and is produced from sustainable cardboard. It is also designed to extend the shelf life of daily fresh food over conventional carton-board tray options due to an extensive EVOH barrier, thus reducing food wastage. The cardboard packaging has a patented design that is fully sealable with a unique inline production system for optimal conservation of the packed product. The Halopack® has been presented with numerous major awards in Europe since its conception and M&S was the first retailer to use the innovative packaging format in the UK.

Now in an Ovenable format – trialled and tested and waiting for you…

Are consumers ready for cooking in the pack?

Consumer study by Packable reveal that 90% accept in-pack cooking.

91% read and use on-pack cooking instructions.

90% trust that meat and foodstuff will cook properly in ovenable packaging.

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