The Halopack by Alexir

The Halopack is the only board-based MAP capable food tray in the UK.

The Halopack® can help you take plastic out of the supply chain.

The Halopack®is a board-based MAP capable food tray and is produced from sustainable cardboard. It is also designed to extend the shelf life of daily fresh food over conventional carton-board tray options due to an extensive EVOH barrier, thus reducing food wastage. The cardboard packaging has a patented design that is fully sealable with a unique inline production system for optimal conservation of the packed product.  The Halopack® has been presented with numerous major awards in Europe since its conception and M&S was the first retailer to use the innovative packaging format in the UK.

The film can be removed from the board by the consumer and placed into different waste streams


Download a Halopack specification here for more information


Call our Halopack team for more information

We have many different sizes in this pack format. Give the team a call on 01732 866681 and ask to speak about the Halopack. We can help you take plastic out of the supply chain.


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