Innovation still prevails after 30 years

A reputation for innovation: 2019 is a pivotal year for the Alexir Partnership in many ways.

A 30-year anniversary is just one way to reinforce our reputation for innovation.

Robert Davison founded Alexir Packaging Ltd in 1989 and under his lead has widened the business proposition into the Alexir Partnership, with a turnover of £33m. The Alexir Partnership now covers carton design and manufacture, packaging sourcing, contract manufacturing, co-packing and gifting. Indeed, it is the only UK business in the food sector that can create, package and pack products from design to delivery within one enterprise.

Last year, Robert Davison (Chairman of Alexir) received a BPIF Award for his outstanding contribution to the UK printing industry at the House of Lords. His evangelical vision and knowledge in the folding carton industry are unrivalled and this was duly recognised by the trade association for the printing industry.



At Alexir our commitment to packaging now spans over thirty rewarding years and this has only been achievable through a dedicated team of the UK’s most accomplished packaging professionals. With this team in place, Alexir have been first-to-market with many new pack formats in carton board including salad trays, ready meal trays, hot noodle snack pots, oval-shaped cartons and hermetically-sealed food trays.

Award-winning Partnership proposition.

In 2011 the Alexir Partnership was officially formed incorporating five divisions under the one umbrella and thereby offering a unique turnkey solution to its customers, with one point of contact responsible for projects. In 2018 the Simply Cook Meal kit won the European Carton Excellence Award; a successful collaboration of all the teams at Alexir from design, manufacture, procurement, co-packing and brand development.


First major digital carton manufacturer.

In 2015 the Alexir Partnership became the first major carton-converter in the UK to install an inline solution for digitally printed folding cartons with a Xerox digital printer and a TRESU coater. This enables short-run printing of cartons with low origination costs and has been very successful for both Alexir and their customers. The Digital department has expanded even further with a Kama cutter, Esko plotter, in-house gluer and foil blocker.

Board trays website.

At a time when supermarkets are being urged to create a plastic-free aisle in every store, the NPD team at the Alexir Partnership have been working hard to replace single-use plastic packaging with a board alternative where relevant. This development has led to a stand-alone website which will be launched at the Packaging Innovations Show in London.

The site has been specifically created to meet an immediate demand in the marketplace and to help customers design and manufacture sustainable, bespoke board trays for food. It aims to take the first step in the process of navigating through board choice, tray integrity, product protection, food contact, shelf life and environmental credentials. The site features the first proven hermetically-sealed board tray (Halopack), the award-winning board punnet for fresh produce (Punnetpack), the shallow board tray with an air tight top seal (Skinpack)and a new board tray with a patented lip design that provides strength for the chilled supply chain and multiple stacking (Stackpack).

Stand fashioned from carton board.

With Alexir Design now fully-owned and under the partnership umbrella, this summer the CAD and Graphic designers have designed and constructed a stand primarily from carton board for the Packaging Innovations Show in September at London, Olympia. They will be showcasing innovative pack formats positioned upon furniture fashioned from carton board. Come and see us on C32 to see how we have fared and celebrate 30 years with us!

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