Macfarlane Online: Powered by the Alexir Partnership’s Web-to-Carton solution.

Macfarlane Online have launched their new “Brand It” range using the Alexir Partnership’s web-to-carton eCommerce solution.

Users can brand their product's cartons by adding logos, text and images.

Macfarlane Online have now launched their new “Brand It” range using Alexir’s web-to-carton platform solution.

With multiple carton profile styles users are given the opportunity to personalise and “brand” their cartons by adding a logo, text and/or an image. Users can also choose a colour or background pattern.

Once a user has completed their design they can view and rotate their artwork in a fancy 3D preview!


This has been a major project between Alexir and Macfarlane Packaging.

Our first Web-to-Carton project

“This was our first Web-to Carton eCommerce project, with initial discussions taking place as far back as the inception of Alexir Digital. We are all very proud of everyone involved in the work and effort they have put into it. It has been great working on a project that is not only a challenge but typically isn’t what we are used to in traditional packaging. It has also given us that experience for the future in the world of digital print that we now live in.” Gareth Smith, Digital Marketing/Web-to-Carton

Try "Brand It" for yourself!

Macfarlane Online

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