Newsworthy Snippets April 2022

Why have we been working with so many tea brands this month?

National Tea Day.

It seems that we are creating and printing a multitude of tea brands in our Digital department and these have made their way to the Creative studio this month of April. All beautiful and different…all have their individual stories to tell (see more below).

I thought perhaps it was because of National Tea Day on April 21st but, in reality, the reasons are much closer to home. Our digital printing capabilities are ideal for manufacturing cartons for the emerging tea brands, catering for the lower volumes and the many different print designs for the vast ranges of flavours. With no printing plates involved and less time to set-up the machines, the work flow is flexible and fast.

The tea style of carton also lends itself well to the digital process as the profile is relatively small, easy to glue and simple to pack.

Mr Ames: (the best kept secret in tea)

Mr Ames is a local Kent tea brand, focused on selling high-quality teas, within Tonbridge and the surrounding areas. Reginald Ames began sourcing and blending fine tea back in 1909 and today they blend and hand-pack all their tea in rural Kent, not a million miles away from our packaging site in Edenbridge.

Mr Ames tea comes in pyramids that are 100% compostable and the cartons, produced by our Digital department, are recyclable. The artwork has been printed on the reverse of the board to give a more rustic and natural feel, and the printers had to ensure that these colour tones were consistent across the 9 blends.

It would seem that the secret is in the taste…over a century in the making.

Wimbledon Teas: the modern British brew that stirs the senses

The Wimbledon Tea brand started life in 2020 during COVID when one of the founders, who lived in Wimbledon village, couldn’t’t find ‘a blend worthy of the elevated importance of our much-loved infusion’ – tea. He teamed up with a local tea enthusiast to create the Modern British Brew, and the Wimbledon Tea Company was born.

The team at Wimbledon source the best leaves from world-renown locations, with a focus on harvesting and packaging sustainably. The cartons are printed double-sided and feature both foiling and embossing, creating a stand-out design on shelf and a great opening experience for the consumer.

Tidy Tea: #WeDoTea

Recently, our Digital department printed these fun, colourful tea cartons for Tidy Tea to include the following range of flavours; Winter Warmer, Californian Tea, Delhi Decaf, Welsh Black Tea and Moroccan Tea.

The Tidy Tea brand comes from a family of farmers in south west Wales who do not compromise their teas at the expense of the environment. As a result they sustainably source their teas and ensure that all the packaging is plastic free with a carton that is 100% recyclable and bags that are compostable.

“As farmers we never set out to start our own company. It just seemed the natural progression from our passions; working with the land and with nature – not against it, our passion for sustainable production systems and of course a Tidy cup of tea that gives the farmers a fair price”.

Newt Tea: A slice of the Good Life

From the Newt Estate in Somerset, their team of farmers, gardeners, butchers, bakers, cheesemakers, chefs and cyder makers work in harmony with the land and livestock to produce delicious food for the table. Amongst these delicious foods and drinks, is a range of beautiful teas under the Newt brand.

The flavours consist of Blood Orange, Turmeric & Ginger, Dandelion, Cleaver & Rose Tea, Lemon Balm, Lavender & Rosemary Tea and Smoked Wassail Apple Tea. The tea bags have been curated by the estate head chef, the Head Beekeeper and the Head of Wellbeing.

Our Digital department printed these beautiful, minimalistic cartons for The Newt in Somerset.

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