Newsworthy Snippets from the Alexir Team – August 2021

Summer is here and many of us are on our annual breaks. We have been busy here at Alexir with more new projects and even an online event!  Here’s a quick summary:

Direct to Consumer packaging

Are you looking for a complete packaging solution to sell your product directly to your customer?

With the COVID pandemic, the retail landscape has further changed with more retail moved from stores to online.

If you are a start-up or an emerging brand you may not know how to tap into this packaging supply chain and which suppliers to go to for multiple components.

Watch our video here to show how we can give you the full direct to consumer packaging solution.

Replacing plastic tasting cups

Tasting cups are an important part of the Whittard store experience but previously these tasting cups had been made as a single-use plastic,

Sustainability plays a large part in all of Whittard’s current and future plans and therefore, they approached Alexir International to source a carton board alternative that was more environmentally-friendly.

These new tapered cups are made of FSC paper and a small percentage of PLA which help to provide solidity and makes them 100% compostable.

To create a simple but striking design, the Whittard blue was used for the main colour which is balanced with the white Whittard logo. This helps the tasting cups to stand out in store.

Since this change, Whittard has seen a significant decrease in their plastic packaging waste which they largely put down to the tasting cups.

Did you attend our online event?

We had a lot interest in our online event with 750 people registered! It clearly was a subject that resonated with many attendees from the supply chain environment. If you would like to watch the recording or download the presentation then please click here. 

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