Newsworthy Snippets August 2022

Welcome to our August Newsworthy Snippets edition!


It’s the end of the month (and sadly the end of the meteorological summer) so time to have a quick round-up of what has been happening at Alexir this month. You may have seen some of our news on our social media feeds but, if not, have a read of the projects that have just been launched.

We have also started a ‘Meet the Team’ feature, linking our latest projects with some of the key players. As more projects are completed there will be more of these to follow.

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Bringing Pukka Organic herbal teas into your working day.

The Pukka Herbs brand knew that they wanted to create a gift box for their organic herbal tea range which would form a collection of delicious teas for every moment of the working day. Whether it was a herbal tea to kickstart the day or another to unwind at the end, Pukka wanted a Workday Wellness gift pack for these daily moments. The pack would be perfect for small offices or as a working from home gift and would be ideal for students, teachers or colleagues. The pack would hold 90 sachets across 6 flavours and a variety of active teas, green teas and calming teas.

In terms of the pack format, the brand team were looking for ‘out-of-the-ordinary’, especially as it was a new product within the range. The canvas was blank and all ideas were welcome.

To see how we approached the project and how Alice and Raquel played key parts, read our previous blog . This was a complex packaging project and incorporated three of our divisions; Creative, Procurement and Co-Packing.

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Award-winning chocolatier.

Established in August 2021, Délicieux Chocolat is a small chocolate business based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, founded by award-winning chocolatier, Reece Hunt.

Their company vision is for all to be able to enjoy chocolate in a sustainable way by preserving the land, respecting cacao farmers and monitoring their supply chain. It goes without saying that almost all of their packaging is 100% recyclable as they avoid the use of plastic as much as they can. This includes everything from their mailing boxes to their chocolate bar packaging. They only work with like-minded businesses and came to the Alexir Partnership in search of two new sizes for their chocolate bar packaging.

They had a tight deadline of three weeks, due to an event they were sponsoring, and were immediately put in touch with Alexir Digital, who specialise in fast turnaround carton manufacture.

The project took another turn as the design had not yet been created, although Reece had some beautiful brand assets in place. Digital (see Ruth Lusher below) and Creative worked together to produce the beautiful chocolate bar packaging in record time.

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Rigid board prototyping in the Creative studio.

In the Creative studio at Alexir we are fortunate to have one of our constructional designers with a background that includes rigid box board. In the world of packaging, hand-made rigid box samples are appealing to both our sight and touch senses and the board lends itself to the premium and gifting sectors like no other material can.

Alexir Creative can produce rigid box samples in-house and customise them to brief, helping to cut down on lengthy lead-times for our customers. We can also wrap with bespoke print to create a visual representation of the end product.

In addition we have a network of worldwide manufacturing partners which enables us to access a wide range of packaging materials and manufacture, including rigid box making. If you have a rigid box project in the pipeline, contact the studio via the Contact Us page.

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