Newsworthy Snippets from the Alexir Team – February 2021

Some exciting things have been happening on both our sites in Edenbridge and Uckfield. Read the snippets below to find out about the projects from our different divisions.

Unilever Bamboo Box

This project required a multi-divisional approach at the Alexir Partnership. The original brief was open to ideas but needed to deliver a high-quality, premium gift box to hold a selection of tea bags for winners of the Dutch National lottery. The Creative and Brands team worked closely together to offer a wide range of suitable packaging formats which were presented to the Unilever team. The selection process was narrowed down to one final option: a high quality customised bamboo box. Our procurement team at Alexir International made extensive enquiries with their suppliers and finally sourced the perfect bamboo box which could be customised with a magnetic closure, thumb cut opening, laser burned logo and FSC logo along with compartments within to hold the different tea flavours.

For the final end-to-end solution for our customer, our co-packing site packed the contents in its entirety and delivered them back to the customer as a complete pack.

Rigid box for Bach Original Flower Remedies

Due to unforeseen circumstances with their existing supplier, Nelsons had an urgent need to source Rigid Boxes for their Original Bach Flower Remedies. The project was tendered out to multiple suppliers, meaning Alexir International had to quote quickly and ensure that quality was of paramount importance.

Thanks to Alexir International’s established relationship with their Far East manufacturing partners, Alexir International were able to have quotes within 24 hours of the initial brief coming in, despite the 8-hour time difference between the UK and the Far East.

This resulted in Alexir International being selected to source the Rigid Boxes, which required a specific type of opening to enhance the user experience.

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