Newsworthy Snippets February 2022

Here is a snapshot of posts from our social media platforms to keep you up-to-speed with all our packaging projects.

Georgia's Choice

The brand owners of Georgia’s Choice were looking to modernise the design of their packaging and briefed Alexir Creative.

It was important that the new look differentiated Georgia’s Choice from other mainstream competitors and created shelf space in a busy retail aisle. Our graphic design team analysed visual cues used by competitor brands and investigated current design trends. From this information, our graphic designers chose to use punchy backgrounds of red, yellow and blue seldomly used by other brands.

To further drive differentiation our graphic designers created a range of bespoke illustration vistas of the sea, countryside and a farm to be used as artwork on the packs. The logo was modernised but kept its original essence. To dial up the new design, Alexir Creative shot new photographs of the goujons, nuggets and fish to be included on the packs.

The new, modern branding created strong on-shelf standout and provided new brand clarity.

More to Amore with Carluccio's

Carluccio’s has launched their restaurant-inspired pasta dishes using our Halopacks! With over 80% plastic reduction (compared to normal plastic trays), the board tray of the Halopack can easily be separated from the film liner for 100% recyclability.

At the Alexir Partnership we endeavour to offer our customers a wide breadth of services and packaging materials. As a result, our Procurement team also worked with Carluccio’s on their beautiful rigid advent calendars for the 2021 Festive Season. The rigid box board used for this advent calendar gave the pack a sturdy feel whilst adding gravitas. Additionally, all the drawers varied in size, enabling it to hold different shaped products. The asymmetrical look added interest and the drawers held the best of Italian products like Prosecco and Grissini.

Norlo Coffee

Recently, our Digital department worked with Norlo Coffee to produce these captivating cartons. Norlo is an ambitious and innovative new brand bringing the unique coffee culture of the Nordic countries to the UK coffee scene. It is a striking design and fully captures the essence of its provenance.

Traditionally sold in tubes, Norlo required a carton to be produced for their smaller offering of organic, compostable pods. It was vital that our Digital department colour managed the cartons to extend the range.

Extract Coffee Roasters

Make Coffee Better! That is Extract Coffee Roasters mission. Better for customers, better for communities, better for coffee growers, better for the environment.

It was therefore important that our Digital Department printed cartons that were 100% recyclable and also visually displayed a more rustic look despite the bright artwork. By using the reverse of the board the digital production team pulled off the effect the brand owners were looking for.

Our Digital printing press is highly suitable for low volumes of bespoke-printed cartons at cost-effective prices. For more information email

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