Newsworthy Snippets from the Alexir Team – July 2021

The month of July has brought us some much needed sunshine and for some of us, some much needed rest.

Introducing our highly specified Koenig and Bauer Rapida 106

Amongst the challenges during the pandemic, charity head shaves, clapping for the NHS…our production team pulled off an amazing feat!

They completely rearranged the factory layout, oversaw some major building works (thankfully just before lockdown) and installed a brand spanking new printing press.

This is another major investment that we have made to ensure that our customers have the latest printing technologies at their disposal.

A big congratulations to all those involved!

Click here to find out more about the specifications.

Hamilton and Hare

Recently, our Digital department worked on the packaging for Hamilton and Hare – a premium underwear brand for men.

Hamilton and Hare requested environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging that reflected their commitment to being more sustainable.

To satisfy Hamilton and Hare’s brief, our Digital department focused on providing different structural designs to choose from, as the opening experience was vital. A lot of time was spent adjusting the carton and focusing on colour management to create the perfect packaging.

Hamilton and Hare had the following to say about our Digital department:

“It was a real pleasure working with Alexir on our packaging project. What stood out for me working with Alexir is the sampling process, which is really speedy and flexible. It really enabled us to experiment and reach our packaging goals. I’d recommend them to anyone and will surely be using the service again in the near future.”

We are hosting a LinkedIn event!

The board industry is, yet again, facing some serious challenges with extended lead times for solid board and corrugated cases worsening by the day. Now we are being advised of a timber shortage in the UK which can only mean that worse news is around the corner. Put simply, we only have one planet and ultimately this finite amount of land will run out. Meanwhile, there are the immediate effects of COVID and a huge demand for board packaging. A perfect storm perhaps?

Key topics and questions to be covered:

– Why is it happening?
– More information on the extent of the current situation.
– What are the symptoms of this shortage in the marketplace?
– How does this affect you and your packaging requirements?
– What can be done to help your supply chain run smoothly?

 Join us on the 11th of August here

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