Newsworthy Snippets June 2022

Welcome to our June Newsworthy Snippets edition!

The month of June.

If you have been scrolling through our social media platforms lately you would have seen members of the team talking about our Complex Packaging Projects. A perfect example of this is the Pukka Bamboo Box project below, which utilised all of our multiple services, from creative design right through to packing. We do, though, have customers who may only use one or two of our services, be that our low-volume carton manufacturing or our airtight board food trays from our packaging plants.

Whatever it is you need, we can help you with the solution.

Pukka Bamboo box.

The Pukka Herbs brand were looking to create a self-care gift containing 42 sachets of blended herbal teas. In particular, the brands team wanted to give their consumers the chance to buy a gift that was good for their well-being whilst being good for the planet. Through various rounds of presentations and eliminations, the final pack was chosen: a premium-looking chest made from sustainable bamboo.

The tea chest was customised to include a magnetic closure, a thumb cut opening, an intricate laser-burned patterned logo on the lid and a FSC logo on the base. Bespoke printed sleeves and card inlays added to the final presentation of the premium gift and were produced in our carton factory.

The entire project was managed by one person and used our multiple services in the following ways:

– Alexir Creative investigated the marketplace and presented the initial ideas.
– Alexir International sourced the bamboo boxes through their proven global supply chain partners.
– Alexir Packaging printed the sleeve and promotional card.
– Alexir Co-Packing assembled and packed the tea chests.

This project is the perfect example of how we can keep it simple for you, with one point of contact, and manage the complexities ourselves.

Storytime Teas.

Here is the perfect example of the work from our Digital team – some beautifully printed cartons for a brand looking for several print designs but in lower volumes.

The brand Storytime Teas believe that there is nothing more enjoyable than settling down with a cup of tea and a book and they have cleverly combined entertaining real-life stories with their finest blends of teas, in a book-style tea box.

The cartons are fully recyclable in line with their ‘Sustainabili-Tea’ goals but the cartons are so eye-catching that I am sure their customers will keep them for a long time on their shelves.

Morrisons coated chicken in our halopack.

Did we mention our airtight board food trays otherwise known as the Halopack? To add to the multiple retailer listings, this innovative pack format has just launched in Morrisons in their coated chicken category.

Featured in their Southern Fried Chicken, Breaded Chicken and Tempura Chicken lines, our Halopacks help to reduce the amount of plastic packaging by over 80% (compared to normal plastic trays). The hermetic seal enables the food to remain fresher for longer and the percentage of film in the board tray is low enough for the board tray to be recycled through the normal waste streams.

Introducing Alexir Creative's new services.

Alexir Creative are the packaging design division of the Partnership and they have been busy extending their services for customers. It is well-known that packaging projects can be held up by long waiting times for both rigid box samples and other vital components within the pack that have not yet been made.

Having identified these time-consuming hurdles in the packaging workflow, the Creative department now have an in-house resource to design and create premium rigid box samples as well as wrapping them white with bespoke artwork including foil transfers. This facility helps to speed up the design process during the early stages of the brief when brand managers are deciding between shapes and sizes.

Alexir Creative have also invested in a desktop 3D printer, with a large build volume, ideal for making essential packaging components that have yet to be manufactured or wholly agreed upon. 3D printing missing elements can accelerate the process and avoid sampling tooling costs in some cases.

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