Packaging is essential

The European Carton Makers Association

has announced that carton packaging manufacturers are a vital part of the retail supply chain during the Covid-19 crisis.


An effective supply chain

In a time when food products are flying off the shelves, carton board packaging is considered as an essential item in maintaining food and pharmaceutical supply chains. Not only are folding cartons recyclable and sustainable, but they also facilitate the hygienic and efficient movement of products.

An increase in demand

Europe has seen an increase in the demand for the production of packaging for dry foods, confectionery and frozen food. Additionally, the European Commission has confirmed that transportation carrying packaging materials for essential industries such as food and pharmaceuticals will be able to use its ‘green lanes’ and that it should take no longer than 15 minutes for drivers to pass through borders.

Alexir is operational

Alexir’s operations are considered essential business as we continue to produce food packaging for our customers. Both our facilities are presently running in a bid to keep supply chains moving and ensure that food gets into households.

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