Packaging Specialist providers Alexir and Amcor work together for a better planet

Jointly the two packaging specialist providers have devised a fully recyclable solution for the fresh produce market.

A unique proposition in this sector of the market.

Together the packaging specialist providers have a fully recyclable solution perfect for the fresh produce market. The two elements combine to provide an eco-friendly pack format that performs on both HFFS and VFFS packing lines – a unique proposition in this sector of the market.

From Alexir, an award-winning nested punnet

At a time when supermarkets are being urged to create a plastic-free aisle in every store, the NPD team at Alexir worked alongside the retailer Sainsbury’s to create a fresh produce pack for chilled low barrier products. This work culminated in the Taste the Difference tomato punnet, a cartonboard alternative to the APET tray. The punnet is made of fully recyclable FSC cartonboard and has reverse print options for branding and recipe ideas. The nested tray also has the added benefit in that it works on existing flow wrapping packing lines and therefore negating any need for a CAPEX investment. Furthermore the material change from plastic to carton board has had no impact on packing efficiencies as both machine speed and tray count have been maintained.


From Amcor, a ground breaking fully recyclable film

Amcor, creators of packaging that’s good for business and better for the environment, have formulated the new NaturePlus Clear film; a fully recyclable film that has the same clarity, strength and resistance as the non-recyclable OPP alternatives. The NaturePlus Clear packs can be recycled by the retailer’s carrier bag drop off points and the OPRL recycling logo can be printed on pack. This logo delivers a strong sustainable message to the consumer. The film is also lighter in weight, reducing the gauge from 30 microns to 23, making it thinner, more efficient and more sustainable than a standard 30 micron OPP film. This thin gauge makes it possible to run on an HFFS line unlike typical PE films.

A nested cartonboard punnet and a recyclable film: the perfect partnership for fresh produce.

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