Recipe Development

Alexir diversifies its services and becomes 

increasingly more vertical as a business. 


For over a decade the Alexir Partnership has been expanding its products and services in order to satisfy their customer’s needs. To further establish their strategic partnerships with customers, they have joined forces with a highly trained and experienced New Product Development specialist, Elizabeth Head, who has worked in the food industry for twenty years.

New Recipes

This level of expertise ranges from the rigorous development of new recipes right through to the supermarket shelf. Such a far-reaching process also encompasses ingredient sourcing, food technical knowledge, factory trialling and product launches. Elizabeth understands large-scale production and her objective is to bring her knowledge, expertise and love of food together; creating successful, factory friendly and commercially viable products.

The Process

The Alexir Partnership are delighted to be able to offer this additional service to their customers and look forward to working with them on food packaging projects, from its embryonic conceptual stage right through to the production and packing, until it lands on the retailer shelves.

Sharing is Caring.

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