Sicin Sasta chicken brand choose new 8-sided halopack

Production efficiencies.

The new chicken brand ‘Sicin Sasta’ from Carton Bros. has launched into the multiple retailers in southern Ireland in the latest innovative pack format from the halopack family. The airtight board tray has been designed with ‘angled’ corners to mimic the rounded edges of a black plastic tray which can negate the need for new machinery and tooling. The 8-sided halopack runs efficiently on their existing production lines and has also saved 81% of plastic by replacing the previous tray material with board. In addition, the board contains 83% recycled content and comes from sustainably managed forests. There are three new SKUs of raw cuts of free-range chicken in this pack format and the artisan look of the board material sits well with the brand’s identity.

'Chicken Raised Right'

The brand owners at Carton Bros. take animal welfare seriously and the strapline for Sicin Sasta is ‘Chicken Raised Right’. The free-range chickens are raised naturally at their own pace and this environment makes for great-tasting, succulent chicken.

First in the UK market.

The halopack tray from Alexir was the first board-based airtight food tray in the UK market and there are now six standard sizes across the retailers as well as the 8-sided format for Manor Farm. There is also a shallow tray better known as the ‘skinpack’ which is suitable for red meats, fish and sliced cheese. The Alexir Partnership have the licence to sell this patented pack format in the UK and currently sell circa 60 million in the retail, wholesale and foodservice markets.

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