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A sustainable fresh produce punnet with a natural barrier for moisture.

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At a time when supermarkets are being urged to create a plastic-free aisle in every store, the NPD team at the Alexir Partnership have been working with the makers of the Delipac board to create a pack for fresh produce with levels of moisture that require a natural barrier.

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What is the Delipac board?

Delipac is a superlative, fully sustainable packaging board designed for food and drink. It provides multi barriers against moisture, grease and liquid but without laminated polymers. The barrier provides packers with the option to top-seal the punnet on high-speed packing lines. With zero plastic in the make-up of the board it is the perfect environmental alternative to conventional plastic coated laminated packaging board.

How does it work?

Delipac uses a non plastic barrier coating and is 100% recyclable. By removing the plastic the food packaging board is 100% recyclable in all paper waste streams and biodegradable within 45 days. There is no compromise to the performance of the barrier and it is a truly sustainable solution for the fresh produce market where moisture barriers are required.

Shaping the future of sustainable barrier packaging in the supply chain.

The nested tray also has the benefit in that it works on existing flow wrapping packing lines and therefore negates any need for a CAPEX investment. Furthermore the material change from plastic to Delipac board would have no impact on packing efficiencies as both machine speed and tray count can be maintained.

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