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Totally Wicked, one of the leading e-cigarette companies in the UK, highlights Alexir Digital’s ‘responsiveness’ with a return to its hugely popular Totally Elected e-liquid range.

Totally Elected!

Totally Wicked, one of the leading e-cigarette companies in the UK, is bringing back its popular Totally Elected e-liquid range, just in time for the impending general election on 12th December. The e-liquid cartons are strikingly designed in line with the political party colours and the chosen 5 flavours are Corbyn’s Objections, Sturgeon’s Girders, Farage’s Clean Break, Bojo’s Brexit Crunch and Swinson’s Revoke. The range was launched on 18th November and sales will run through to election day with engagement online and in stores. The Totally Elected limited edition series will be priced significantly lower than standard prices to encourage interaction and fun amongst their valued customer base and beyond.

Making the most of this opportune decision.

The snap election was called by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, on 24th October culminating in seven weeks of election fever. Making the most of this opportune decision, the marketing team at Totally Wicked devised a new set of flavours and designs to drive their own spontaneous election campaign.  Alexir Packaging, a current supplier of cartons to Totally Wicked, were well-placed to prepare the 5 artworks and produce the carton packs in a very short space of time. With an inline digital carton manufacturing process, the team at Alexir printed, cut, creased, glued and delivered the total volume in 7 days. For a marketing team looking to react to current news stories, digital carton technology enables the brand managers to include the packaging as an integral part of the marketing communications, bringing the campaign to life very quickly.

Stuart Mercer, Totally Wicked Operations Director, says

‘’We have developed a strong relationship with the team at Alexir Digital in our last 18 months of working together on packaging for several of our e-liquid ranges. Their ability to respond rapidly to the needs of our business from artwork provision to the arrival of the packaging sets them apart. Our new ‘Totally Elected’ range again highlighted Alexir’s responsiveness to demand with so little time from the announcement of the Election to us requiring the product available for our valued customers’’

Cyril Guillemart, Alexir Digital Sales Manager, says

“Totally Wicked is a major player in the vaping industry and has become a strategic partner for us. By understanding their needs, Alexir Digital can react quickly and bring added value to the current partnership”

Which wicked politician will you vote for?

If you would like to vote by purchasing one of these e-liquids you can visit one of the Totally Wicked’s 150+ stores nationwide or simply cast your vote online here or clicking the picture above.

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