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The ASDA Extra Special Meat Board

The Alexir Partnership worked closely with ASDA’s Meat Supplier to help change their meat packaging into a more sustainable option. Made from board, a renewable resource, these new board trays contain 88% less plastic than ASDA’s previous trays, helping to save about 450 tonnes of plastic annually in ASDA alone and 1,000 tonnes in all the retailers where it is listed.

Why the Skinpack by Alexir?

The Skinpack is a shallow hermetically-sealed carton with an airtight top seal which helps to protect the meat. A thin layer of plastic is placed directly onto the cartonboard to ensure that the juices from the meat do not contaminate the tray, while, another thin layer of plastic is placed on top of the meat to create the airtight seal. To aid with useability and openability, both thin layers can be easily detached by the consumer and the board and plastic can be placed in separate waste streams. The airtight seal extends the meat’s shelf life, therefore, helping to reduce food waste.

What makes it stand out?

It requires no glue making it more environmentally-friendly.

It is made from one piece of card meaning:

  • It is better for the skinning process
  • It is easier to remove the base film for recycling
  • There is minimal board wastage

There are no seams on the base makes it easier for branding and mandatory information


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