Xerox Digital Packaging for Brand Owners, Retailers & Creatives

Xerox Uxbridge, UK, 25 April 2018

Are you a Brand Owner or a Retailer ?

Xerox and the “Digital Packaging Partnership – by Xerox” (a group of leading European Cartons Manufacturers) will be running a Digital Packaging Event on Wednesday 25 April 2018 at the Xerox Innovation Centre in Uxbridge, UK. Those attending and speaking will be Brand Owners, Retailers and Creatives seeking new technologies and services in the folding cartons space to help them grow Brand Visibility and Customer Loyalty.

Highlights of the agenda include:

Trends & Insights: Discuss global packaging trends & insights and see how the market is responding to the demands of the global supply chain in the folding cartons space.


Voice of Brand Owners & Converters: a keynote speech will be delivered by Brian Stowof Mars Wrigley Confectionery who will discuss ‘The complex journey to understand Digital Print challenges and innovation opportunities to grow a Global FMCG business.’ We will also share high value folding cartons applications through hearing from the “voice of the brand owners” and the experience from digitally skilled packaging converters.


Science of Consumer Buying: Hear from a Neuro-Marketing Scientist how packaging influences consumer buying behaviours and how you can maximize the opportunities – discussion with Phil Barden, Managing Director of ‘Decode, Implicit Marketing’ (UK).


Digital Packaging: New Technologies and Services – you’ll see for yourself how digital printing as well as new technologies & services can help you bring much more value to your cartons and streamline your folding cartons supply chain.

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